Clean Expertise


Maintaining clean carpets is crucial for longevity, and at Cali Maintenance, we specialize in commercial carpet cleaning and stain removal services. Our expert team uses high-quality equipment to thoroughly remove dirt and particles, ensuring your carpets last longer. We offer various cleaning techniques, including steam cleaning and spot removal, tailored to your needs.

Superior Standards

Specialized Techniques for Clean Carpets


Assessing carpet condition and identifying problem areas.


Removing surface debris and preparing carpets for deep cleaning.

Furniture Moving

Clearing space for thorough cleaning without obstruction.

Pre-Spray and Pre-Spot Treatment

Applying specialized solutions to target stains and soiling.

Extraction and Rinse

Using advanced machinery to deep clean carpets and extract dirt.

Post-Spot Treatment

Addressing any remaining stains for a pristine finish.

Speed Drying

Accelerating drying time to minimize disruption.


Ensuring carpets are left looking refreshed and uniform.