About Us

Your Reliable Choice for Superior Commercial Cleaning Services. With a Decade of Dedication, We Ensure Cleanliness and Excellence Every Time.

about us

Your Source for Superior Cleaning Services.

Cali Maintenance Inc. stands out with its unparalleled dedication to cleanliness and exceptional customer service. With a decade-long legacy of excellence, we prioritize customized solutions, backed by robust insurance policies, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all. Our passion for cleanliness and commitment to excellence set us apart, leaving a lasting positive impact on employees, customers, and business partners alike.

Who we are

Cali Maintenance Inc., dedicated to delivering superior Commercial & Office Cleaning Services in Northern California with a decade of expertise.

Our history

Since 2006 we've been proud to serve clients across various industries, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness and professionalism.

Our mission

Our mission is to satisfy our clients' expectations by providing the perfect cleaning solutions in order to promote cleaner and healthier environment.



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Your Partner for Cleaning Solutions.

Our expert team provides superior cleaning services, tailored to your specific needs, from offices to commercial premises. Trust us to transform your environment and ensure cleanliness and professionalism every step of the way.

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Our amazing team

Creating Environments Where Success Thrives

The driving force behind our success is our amazing team. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals with a passion for cleanliness, who go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional cleaning services tailored to your needs. They ensure the transformation of every space into a clean and welcoming environment through their expertise and commitment to excellence.