We cover a wide spectrum of issues and devices to ensure comprehensive solutions for all your tech needs.

what we offer

We repair Tablets, Camera & fix smartphones

Specialize in tablets, smartphones, and cameras, our repair services ensure top notch solutions for a range of issues and models across these devices.

Mobile Phone

From cracked screens to software glitches, our wide-ranging cellphone repair services cover every issue, ensuring your device functions optimally.


From screen replacements to software troubleshooting, our comprehensive tablet repair services cater to a variety of issues, ensuring your device operates at its best.


Restore your camera's flawless performance with our expert repair solutions, addressing a wide range of issues for seamless photography experiences.

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When you need repair service, we are here

John Doe
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Impressive attention to detail! The team not only fixed my device but also explained the issue and preventive measures. Great customer service!
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Fast turnaround and excellent results! I had my device repaired within hours, and it's working flawlessly. A trustworthy team I'll definitely return to.
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Couldn't be happier with the service! The team's expertise and friendly approach made the repair process seamless. Definitely worth recommending to others!

Frequently ask question

We repair all smartphones available in the market including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia and Huawei smartphones.

You can mail in anything listed on our site. If you have any questions or your device is not listed please call and our technicians will assist you.

Yes, no problem, please walk in to the store and bring your device, or mail it to us.

Yes you can, give us a call and describe your problem and we will see what we could do for you.

We only need your device, do not include accessories, the original packaging as this will only increase shipping cost. Any other information we need will be provided from the mail in form.

It is recommended. We need the passcode in order to test your phone after the repair. If you do not wish to provide your passcode, certain phone functions won’t be tested such us camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth,
and therefore can’t be verified by us to work.

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Services Details

Mobile Phone

We ensure meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of your phone’s repair, guaranteeing optimal functionality and performance.

What we fixing

Providing device solutions

Charging Port

Charging Port Solutions for Uninterrupted Power.

Battery Replacement

Revive with Lasting Power, Battery Replacements Done Right.

Wifi / Bluetooth

Unlocking Uninterrupted Wireless Performance.

Home Button

Home Button Solutions for Effortless Device Control.

Cracked Screen

Expert Solutions for Cracked Screens.

Water Damage

Our Expertise in Water Damage Repair Saves Devices.

Speaker Not Working

Solutions for Faulty Speakers, Restoring Vibrant Audio.

Headphone Jack

Fixing Headphone Jacks for Seamless Audio Experience.

Why Choose Us

When you need us, we are here

Count on us as your dependable support whenever you need expert assistance.


Our team at Eclise Technology consists of professional, experienced technicians committed to delivering high-quality repairs and unparalleled service, ensuring your devices are handled with expertise and care.

Lifetime Warranty

Our satisfaction is guaranteed with our lifetime warranty, ensuring enduring trust in our quality repairs and services, providing you with continued peace of mind.

Genuine Parts

Rest assured, we use only genuine parts in our repairs, ensuring authenticity and top notch quality to maintain your device's performance and integrity.


Frequently ask questions

Whether it’s about repairs, warranties, or scheduling, feel free to ask we’re here to help.

Yes, any non responsiveness your phone is suffering due to a drop will be corrected with the Glass & Digitizer repair, as the Digitizer that is
being replaced is the part responsible for all touch functionality. Check out our glass replacement article to learn more about broken glass and the repair process.

If the actual screen of the phone is bleeding, white, or has any dead pixels then you’re going to need to select the LCD & Glass option as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage. Still not sure? Send a picture of the current condition of the phone while it is powered on and we will do our best to diagnose it.

Yes, the glass replacement service will replace the entire glass face, so the extent of the damage to the previous glass does not matter.



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"Smartphone repair was the best investment I ever made. I like smartphone repair more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. This is simply unbelievable!"
Keila Shiver

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